Walnut Furniture: Curating Modern Furnishings Through Thoughtful Design

Walnut Furniture: Curating Modern Furnishings Through Thoughtful Design

Aug. 3, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Bespoke and designer furnishing brand Walnut Furniture is innovating unique ideas to deck up modern home and office spaces. 

Innovative furniture design by Walnut Furniture

Designer/ Proprietor: Mr. Siddharth Hasmukhbhai Gajjar

Year of Establishment: 2007

Category: Furniture

Range of Products: Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Storage Unit, Study Desks, Swings

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Custom-made couch by Walnut Furniture

Walnut Furniture is an Ahmedabad-based customized furnishing brand led through creativity, technology, and craftsmanship. With an in-house workshop, the brand ensures that all products are crafted to perfection through meticulous planning and execution. 

Following the ambitious vision of Siddharth Gajjar- an architect, a product designer, and a second-generation entrepreneur; the brand has grown leaps and bounds. With an academic background in design, Siddharth brings his thoughtfulness to every product Walnut Furniture designs. His understanding of the spatial matrix, aesthetics, and functionality aids the brand in creating exquisite furniture pieces. 

With a keen focus on quality and innovation, Siddharth is fully involved in every step of the way from design to execution. By seeking assistance from software such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Photoshop, he maps the feasibility of every product. All furniture pieces are designed as per client requirements and the brief is followed to the tee. This allows the brand to stay committed to its intent of creating one-of-a-kind furnishings.

Let’s have a look at some of the most sought-after and innovative furniture pieces curated by Walnut Furniture. 

Chop and Chill: A Kitchen Couch

Chop and Chill: A Kitchen Couch

Chop and Chill is a custom-made couch designed for the cook and their companion. Designed as a versatile seating solution, the upholstered wooden couch is integrated with a vegetable chopping table. Chop and Chill is an excellent piece of furniture for a traditional Indian home where cooking is often considered a group activity. This innovative sofa intends to provide a relaxing seating space for conducting pre-cooking activities and enhancing the culinary experience. This furniture piece combines the comfort of a sofa with the functionality of a dedicated workspace. It fosters conversation and fun around food during meal preparations. 

Turn & Taste: A Dining Chair

Turn & Taste: A Dining Chair

Turn and Taste adds a new dimension to the conventional dining experience with its 360-degree revolving feature. The sleek and minimalistic look of the chair makes it a good fit for modern homes. This chair is designed with the intention of providing the ultimate ergonomic comfort, style, and functionality. Built with a good-quality wood framework, the chair is highly durable and strong. The revolving mechanism of the chair allows a person to effortlessly move around in any direction and have conversations conveniently. It helps to keep the dining space fun, lively and encourages interaction among diners. 

The ConverseRock Duo

The ConverseRock Duo

The ConverseRock Duo makes interactions fun. This furniture piece exudes an outdoorsy vibe that aids the creation of intimate connections. The bench features a rocking motion combined with a backrest that flips alternatively allowing people to engage in face-to-face conversations while sitting adjacent to each other. The chair is crafted with precision and an eye for detail to provide optimal ergonomic support. The bench is constructed in timber with a contemporary design approach. The use of a sturdy material ensures durability and stability while maintaining a non-bulky aesthetic. The rocking motion of the bench makes it suitable for placing in balconies and front yards to foster meaningful conversations. 

Detail of a seating solution by Walnut Furniture

Walnut Furniture aims to expand its services pan India and continue creating meaningful spaces. The brand seeks to establish itself as one of the most prominent bespoke furniture manufacturers across residential and commercial segments. 

Discover more about Walnut Furniture by visiting its website.

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