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A One-Stop-Solution for All Things Furniture and Decor

Archizy is India's leading platform for discovering the best quality building materials and architectural products. We are providing you with a one-stop solution for sourcing furniture, lighting, décor, finishes and more. With products from world-renowned brands and direct contact with the manufacturer, we can help you get anything and everything you need to design your dream space...

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Here is Every Bit of the Detail

Archizy is a one-stop destination for architects and interior designer to discover and source construction materials and architectural products. We are creating the largest digital catalog of materials to make material shoping convenient.

Discover a variety of materials and products from renowned brands while saving time, money, and effort with Archizy’s easy search tools. Reach out to manufacturers directly to receive quotes and product details.

You can discover building construction materials, architectural products, furniture, and interior finishes from renowned brands on our consolidated platform.

No, we do not offer design services. We simply connect designers with manufacturers to source their desired materials and products

We help architects and interior designers to discover new materials and products. On Archizy, you can save and share the shortlisted materials with your team and the client. Create BOQs and moodboards within minutes for all the shortlisted materials for easy comparison.

You can directly connect with manufacturers to resolve your queries, seek clarity on specifications, and get quotes. ( Click here to get a step-by-step breakup of how Archizy works)

- Discover materials and products using filter and keyword tools

- Save materials and products that you like project wise

- Create and share moodboards

- Generate BOQs

- Directly connect with manufacturers and reach out to retailers

Connect directly with the manufacturers by submitting a request for information from the Product page or Manufacturer’s Brand Page to avail catalogs, product samples, price list, etc, and manage all your requests with ease from your Archizy profile.

Avoid visiting the market and discover materials from the comfort of your office/home. Buy materials at discount prices by avoiding the middlemen. Explore a wide variety of materials from leading brands.

Create Projects within your Archizy profile and add shortlisted products to your projects. You can add reference images like 3D views, CAD drawings, or site images and tag real products to help your clients visualize their space better.

Generate a BOQ by adding the Quantity, Price, and Description for each product. Share this project with your clients via PDF or Link. Use this BOQ to coordinate with the client, retailers, or the contractor.

Archizy provides designers with the latest news, information, and trends in the AEC industry through blogs and newsletters allowing them to stay relevant in the dynamic age.

Manufacturers have uploaded a list of their retailers on Archizy where you can search for retailers from the manufacturer’s Brand page by entering the name of your city to get the list of retailers along with their contact information.

You can create your Company Profile on Archizy where you can speak about your brand story, and upload product and material catalogs. You can reach out to a wider audience of architects and interior designers at an economical cost. Further, you can drive more traffic to your online channels and improve your brand recall value.

Click here to learn more about how Archizy can help in magnifying your brand reach.

If a customer is interested in a product or wants to get in touch with a supplier, they can submit a request from Product Pages or Brand Page. Customers can also contact the supplier directly via the contact information displayed on the supplier's Brand Page. Suppliers can access the record of requests from their Archizy Dashboard and get in touch with the customer.

Archizy helps you to launch promotional campaigns through our editorial features, newsletters, and social media channels.

Archizy Assisted Buying is a personalized buying service through which you can source products from manufacturing by sharing your requirements with Archizy. Learn more about the service here

  • Share your project details such as budget and design requirements.
  • Our in-house design expert will handpick and share products that fit your criteria.
  • Share a list of shortlisted products with your Archizy Account Manager.
  • Get a discounted quote, shipping cost estimation, and tentative delivery time for the shortlisted products.
  • Finalize products and place your order by making a payment.
  • Submit your requirements to get started

  • Extensive Catalog of over 8000 unique products from top brands.
  • Speed up the selection process with our custom-made catalogs as per your needs.
  • Your Account Manager will do all the hard work for you.
  • Customize furnishings and decor pieces to match the aesthetic of your project.
  • Get exclusive trade discounts and avoid all commission-based margins.
  • Get exclusive product drops sent directly to your mailbox by our team.

Yes. You will be assisted by a personal Archizy Account Manager who will help you throughout the process of material sourcing from selection to final delivery. You will get dedicated assistance for obtaining quotes, sampling, order placement, payment, and tracking.

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