The Shoppers Lane Home Decor: Transforming Houses into Homes

The Shoppers Lane Home Decor: Transforming Houses into Homes

July 3, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Premium decor and furnishings brand, The Shoppers Lane (TSL) Home Decor is redefining luxury and comfort through thoughtful product designs.

Wall art by TSL Home Decor

Founder: Ms. Bhavna Nagdeo

Year of Establishment: 2017

Category: Furniture, Planters, and Decor Products

Range of Products: Ottoman, Storage Shelves, Planters, Artefacts, Wall Decor

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Wall clock by TSL Home Decor

TSL Home Decor invites comfort, warmth, and a sense of belongingness through meaningful furnishing and products. The founder, Bhavna Nagdeo, who is an interior designer herself, believes that the decor of a space sets its vibe. Therefore, she personally gets involved in the designing of every product to ensure that it enhances the spatial quality of any room. Every piece offered by TSL is curated with an innate understanding of human ergonomics and contemporary lifestyle. So, the brand focuses on designing products at the junction of aesthetic and function. 

Wall mirror by TSL Home Decor

The furnishing, planter, and decor pieces offered by TSL are a fine choice for modern homes with a minimalistic or contemporary design style. They are also suited as statement pieces that draw attention and instantly uplift the mood of a space. The design process at TSL begins with extensive brainstorming sessions followed by a couple of sketches and computer-generated drawings. These drawings are optimized for user comfort and then translated into products at the manufacturing unit. The craftsmanship of skilled labor and the intricacy of their work being a sense of tranquility to the products.

Centerpiece by TSL Home Decor

TSL Home Decor holds digitalization and new- age technology in very high regard. They believe that virtual tools and processes have the power to connect people like no other. Therefore the brand sells its products through digital platforms only. They believe that an all-digital store gives them the ability to reach a wider audience, provide a wide variety of products, and create a greater impact. 


Floor Planter by TSL Home Decor

TSL Home Decor also addresses a key issue faced by every designer and homeowner while decorating a home- visiting multiple stores to source the right decor products. At TSL, the aim is to be a one:stop-shop and provide all home decor solutions under one roof. This helps buyers save time, money, and effort while also enabling them to view a wider variety of products.


Hanging  planter by TSL Home Decor

With a soulful mission to help people build their homes, TSL Home Decor is on its way to becoming one of the most trusted and comprehensive home decor brands in India. 

Discover more about TSL Home Decor by visiting their brand page on Archizy.

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