Granite Studio India: Elevating Spaces With Natural Stones

Granite Studio India: Elevating Spaces With Natural Stones

Sept. 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Granite Studio India is the country’s leading dealer of premium quality granite. Their stones are rich in texture, colour, and pattern; helping add a unique character to the built environment.

A project designed and executed by Enar Consultants
Photography by Suryan/ Dang

Brand Fact File

Founder: Mr Ramesh Mehta, and Mr Rahul Mehta

CEO: Mr Rajat Mehta

Year of Establishment: 1982

Category: Flooring, Wall Cladding

Range of Products: Granite, limestone, sandstone, basalt

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A project designed and executed by Enar Consultants
Photography by Suryan/ Dang

Brand Journey

Intrigued by the rustic beauty of natural stone textures, the founders of Granite Studio India commenced on a mission to help designers find the right material for their projects. Over time, this humble initiative evolved into the most sought-after granite supplying brand in the country. 

Work So Far

With a glorious 40-year run in the building material industry, Granite Studio India has a versatile project portfolio across residential and commercial segments. They have a factory in the state of Andhra Pradesh; where the stone slabs are dressed, cut, and polished for use. Grantie Studio India holds a world record for supplying the biggest granite block of 300 tonnes for Netaji Subhash Statue at India Gate, New Delhi, India. Some of their noteworthy projects include the Indian Prime Minister’s House and the National War Memorial in New Delhi, India

A project designed and executed by Enar Consultants
Photography by Suryan/ Dang

Silver Farmhouse Renovation: A Project Where Granite Studio India Supplied Unique Granite Stone

This project designed and executed by Enar Consultants, was all about transforming an old farmhouse in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, into a modern home. Following the local bylaws in the project was a challenge because that limited any major changes to the building. The architects had to work within the existing structure, but their goal was to make it feel fresh and one with nature. They redesigned the interiors, letting in more light, and adding some extra spaces. 

A project designed and executed by Enar Consultants
Photography by Suryan/ Dang

The building is made of stone and glass, with some shading on the front to keep it private and cool. The colours and choice of materials both inside and outside such as grey granite, glass, and wood have a sense of warmth and match the surroundings. It all works together to bring nature into the design and make it a great place to live. The farmhouse is all about luxury and comfort. It's designed to feel fancy but also cosy and comforting- like nestling in the lap of nature.

Granite Studio India supplied granite stone for the hardscaping pavement and building facade. The granite stone on the facade has been dry cladded to provide a robust and strong aesthetic. The Silver Dyna Granite in Leather Finish was used for the purpose of facade cladding while the Silver Pearl Granite Stone in Suede Texture was used for hardscaping. The image below showcases how the stone was installed on the building surface. 

A detail of the granite stone dry cladding

From the Founder’s Desk

"From Earth's enduring embrace to the heart of your architecture, we sculpt timeless strength and textures. At Granite Studio India, we're not just granite processors or retailers; we're the cornerstone of your vision, etching excellence in stone."

"At Granite Studio India, we don't just sell granites or textured stones; we offer the foundation of elegance. We're not just in the business of stone; we're in the business of transforming your spaces into enduring works of art, one slab at a time,” said Rajat Mehta, the CEO of Granite Studio India.

A project designed and executed by Enar Consultants
Photography by Suryan/ Dang

The Road Ahead

In the near future, Granite Studio India aims to set up experiential stores across India in the cities of Delhi, Dehradun, Gurugram, and Chandigarh. Through this initiative the brand intends to be more accessible to designers, helping them source high-quality materials for their projects. 

Discover more about Granite Studio India by visiting their website.


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