HN Hues: Introducing Personalization to Design and Decor

HN Hues: Introducing Personalization to Design and Decor

July 13, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Luxury furnishing and decor brand HN Hues is rethinking design and decor through bespoke, customized solutions.

Living room furniture by HN Hues

Founder: Mr. Siddharth Bavishi

Year of Establishment: 2021

Category: Furniture and Decor Products

Range of Products: Trays, Coasters, Clocks, Cake Stands, Bowls, Chairs, Tables

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Console Table by HN Hues

HN Hues brings a sense of affinity to their design through thoughtfully curated bespoke furniture and decor products. Specializing in products made from Stainless Steel (SS) and resin epoxy, the brand has expertise when it comes to material play. They have a keen eye for detail that allows them to explore various looks and finishes within a niche material palette. An innate understanding of color, form, and function allows them to create highly sought-after products.

Console table by HN Hues

The furnishing and decor pieces offered by HN Hues are a perfect fit for contemporary interiors. They are stylish, sleek, and modern providing a suitable aesthetic for a premium urban home or office. The products are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in the brand’s in-house studio cum workshop to ensure quality checks at all stages of production. This allows the brand to add a sense of personalization to every piece that they curate. 

Dining Table by HN Hues

All steel products at HN Hues are made from SS304 grade of steel which is highly durable and strong. Whereas the resin for epoxy resin products is sourced from South India. The furnishing and decor offered by the brand share the commonality of glossy or satin finish surfaces. The company’s team constantly strives to innovate new designs and decor ideas that suit the need of the modern populace.

Console Table by HN Hues

The products at HN Hues speak of quality and longevity. The epoxy resin pieces are even scratch-resistant. Designed with a contemporary outlook, the products showcase ornamentation through a vibrant use of colors,textures, and patterns. The pieces exude sophistication thereby making a statement for the space they occupy.

Dining Table and Chairs by HN Hues

HN Hues has a walk-in store in Mumbai where you can have a look at their classic pieces and even get them customized to suit your need. The brand has plans to soon launch its stores in other metropolitans such as Bengaluru. With personalization at heart, HN Hues wants to keep innovating products that exude warmth and are uniquely yours!

Discover more about HN Hues by visiting their brand page on Archizy.

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