How to Create a Beautiful Home Garden Design?

How to Create a Beautiful Home Garden Design?

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Designing a garden for a bungalow or row house is an exciting activity. 

Visiting nurseries to select plants…

Finalizing the overall garden landscape…

Planning for irrigation…

All these are essential but there is more to garden designing than plantation ideas. Designing a garden involves meticulous planning, brainstorming, and coordination for creating a highly aesthetic and functional garden. Whether you are planning a garden in the front yard or the backyard, the design should be such that it engages the visitor and rejuvenates them.

Considerations While Designing a Garden

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Gardens at home are meant for relaxation and recreation. This fundamental principle forms the basis of any garden designing exercise. Below are the key points you must consider while designing a garden.

Sketch the Layout

Make some garden and nursery visits before sketching your ideas. Refer to Pinterest to explore garden styles and themes. Once you have a vision of what you want, draw rough sketches to define the preliminary layout of your garden. Discuss these sketches with your family and finalize a layout that best suits your requirements. 

Define the Areas

Your rough sketches help you do the zoning of your garden. Take your sketches a step further and create a zoning plan that mentions hardscape and softscape areas. Hardscape areas are paved and softscape areas are covered in plants and other landscaping elements. You can consider adding more detail to your zoning plan by dedicating spaces for sitting areas and viewing decks. 

Create Plantation Beds

Demarcate the plantation beds to showcase designated spaces for landscaping. Visit nurseries and decide what kind of plants you would like in your garden. Leave room for plantation beds based on the bark diameter and foliage of shortlisted trees. Consider the site topography and use it to your advantage for planting.

Create Shaded Spaces

Make space for pergolas, gazebos, and canopies in your garden. These elements help in the creation of aesthetic walkways and sitting areas. You can also incorporate swings in your garden design to amp up the quality of design.  

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In Conclusion

Garden designing requires considerable effort both from the designer and the homeowner. Make it an immersive activity to create a garden that the user feels comfortable and happy in. Incorporate elements of the owner’s personality to make the garden design more reflective.

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