Oltao: Bringing the Best-Running and Best-Looking Luxury Fans For Interior Spaces

Oltao: Bringing the Best-Running and Best-Looking Luxury Fans For Interior Spaces

Sept. 22, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Brand Fact File

Founder: Mr Mehul Soni

Year of Establishment: 2019

Category: Appliances

Range of Products: Luxury ceiling and wall fan

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Brand Journey

At Oltao, they think of ceiling fans in the same way as people think of art- creative, aesthetic, and meaningful. In fact, Mehul Soni, the founder of Oltao, started the brand with the very intent of making ceilings more interesting and appealing. With a humble beginning in 2019, Oltao has now culminated into one of the most trustworthy luxury fan brands in India. They have won the award for Best Brand of the Year by Business Outreach along with the 2023 India’s Achievers Awards. 

Top Luxury Ceiling Fans from Oltao

Oltao holds the belief that the fusion of technology and aesthetics has the power to drive transformative progress. With this thought, they have created a series of highly functional and aesthetic fans, some of which are listed below. 



Auric is a modern fandelier that seamlessly blends contemporary design with cutting-edge technology, enhancing the ambience and comfort of your living spaces. The fan and lights are operable through a remote while a silent motor ensures that you get good sleep through the night. You can choose lights according to the right function and preference for your comfort. The fan's blades extend during operation, efficiently circulating air throughout the room. Once the fan is turned off, these blades elegantly retract, resembling the graceful folding of a flower.




The Picola fan embodies sophistication with its sleek design and advanced features, providing an optimal cooling experience while enhancing the aesthetics of any room. You can ensure a cool indoor atmosphere during summer by setting the ceiling fan to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. In winter, switch the fan to a clockwise direction to prevent the escape of warm air, effectively maintaining a cosy indoor environment. This fan is the perfect fit for luxurious living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas. 


Crafted with precision, Aurous not only cools your space effectively but also adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The multiple-speed settings and a reversible motor ensure that you can enjoy the perfect airflow all year round, whether it's a refreshing breeze during summer or a gentle circulation of warm air in winter. You can illuminate your surroundings with the integrated LED light feature, adding a touch of charm to this already elegant fan. 


Susan is the epitome of style and efficiency in modern ceiling fans. It marries aesthetic sophistication with optimal air circulation to bring a new dimension of comfort to your living spaces. Its sleek and contemporary design is paired with smart functionality, allowing you to control the fan effortlessly through Alexa and Google Home compatibility. The fan also comes with a dimming feature and can be controlled through a mobile application. Susan operates silently, preserving the tranquillity of your space while efficiently keeping you cool. 


Goldfish is a ceiling fan that redefines elegance and functionality in modern design. With its graceful blend of style and performance, the fan brings a touch of sophistication to any room while ensuring optimal air circulation. The fan's sleek, minimalist design seamlessly complements contemporary interiors, making it a perfect addition to both residential and commercial spaces. Equipped with powerful blades, it provides a steady and refreshing airflow throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.


At the heart of Kingbird's appeal lies a perfect harmony of form and function. With its sleek, black design and cutting-edge features, this fan not only adds a striking focal point to your space but also ensures a consistent and efficient airflow. The integrated LED light adds a practical touch, providing illumination to your room while accentuating the fan's modern design. The Kingbird ceiling fan stands as a true testament to innovation and style, seamlessly integrating into various interior designs, be it minimalist or avant-garde.



Lily is an elegant fandelier for contemporary homes. You can use it in living rooms and dining areas to add a touch of sophistication. Its minimalistic design sets the appliance apart. Its fan-like appearance can instantly uplift the mood of any indoor space. Additionally, the fan can be easily operated using a remote for the comfort of the user. 


Gracy is one of the finest premium quality fandeliers by Oltao. It has a luxurious appearance that makes it a good choice for modern sophisticated urban homes. It strikes the right balance between ornamentation and subtleness, allowing the creation of a pleasing indoor environment. In terms of function, the fan and light can be separately controlled by a remote allowing you to achieve the optimum level of comfort. 


Finn is a designer wall fan that is the perfect combination of aesthetics and purpose.  It has a dual colour tone in black and beech, serving as a classic example of contemporary design. Energy efficiency is one of the key features of this fan, helping you save highly on energy bills. Additionally, the fan has a silent motor that ensures that the room remains peaceful while you are asleep.

Oltao is Redefining What’s Possible In Ceiling Fans

Oltao is a homegrown brand with its assembling unit in Udaipur. With a solid line of products, the brand aims to work on the franchise module in about 16 Indian cities from 2024. Aligning with the Make in India initiative, the brand intends to be a brand that manufactures all its products within the country. 

Discover more about Oltao by visiting their website.

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