Aarti Hospital by Archi Hives

Aarti Hospital by Archi Hives

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

  • Project name: Aarti Hospital
  • Project Location: Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Year of completion: 2021
  • Project Architects: Archi Hives
  • Interior Designers: Archi Hives
  • Consultants: Archi Hives
  • Materials used: steel girder, wooden panels, stone, tiles, and readymade panels.


Located in Jalandhar, the project Aarti Hospital is the edifice of Jalandhar’s most well-known Gynecologist – Dr. Aarti Gupta. Materializing the doctor’s dreams, the facility is built to offer the best IVF treatment – one of the most delicate treatments that need execution with utmost care and precision.


Architect’s vision: Creating dedicated spaces for each function of the hospital with zero interruptions in the process, is the biggest challenge faced. Maintaining seamless circulation of people, processes and equipment was the next.


The public entrance leads through the reception lobby/ waiting area directly to Dr. Aarti’s OPD and ultrasound room. The emergency room is allocated a different entrance, through which patients can get access to emergency services immediately without hassles. All these three segments are constructed on the ground floor for the convenience of patients and their family members.



The hospital includes more OPD rooms, a pharmacy, labs, and ample waiting areas.


The first floor comprises rooms for patients. It also includes a spacious seminar room.

Apart from patients, the second floor is for staff and management. This floor hosts some of the most critical functional rooms – the labor room, semen collection room, IVF lab, IVF OT Cyro, and anthology lab. Entry is controlled on this floor.



The basement of the hospital has parking spaces and a cafeteria. The accounts section of the hospital is also located here.


Setting itself apart from the other IVF hospitals that are located in the area, Aarti Hospital breaks the monotony by disowning the façade of a stereotyped hospital. Using the latest architectural technology and materials has made Aarti Hospital more efficient and pleasing to the eyes.


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