8 Sustainable Architects in India to Look Out For

8 Sustainable Architects in India to Look Out For

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

In the past decade, sustainable architecture has gained immense popularity in India. Today, design practices are becoming greener in essence, as more architects are recognizing the potential of sustainability. Due to climate change, reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment has become the need of the hour. As one of the key contributors to climate change, the AEC industry is now becoming more conscious of its building construction interventions. Architects and interior designers are resorting to the use of traditional materials, vernacular construction techniques, and local labor for construction projects. Hence, sustainability in architecture has become an important determinant of design, now more than ever!


Top Sustainable Architects in India

Sustainable architecture, also known as green architecture is becoming the core around which many architecture practices are developing in India. Below is a list of the top architects in India who are adopting sustainability as a key element of their design.


Chitra Vishwanath

Source: Many Things Ahead


Through her practice, Chitra Vishwanath is dedicated to ecology conservation. She is the founder of Biome Environmental Solutions, a sustainable architecture firm based in Bengaluru. The firm works on projects across multiple facets ranging from water harvesting, green materials, environment, and sanitation. 


Ashok Lall 

Source: Holcim Foundation


Based in Delhi, Ashok B Lall Architects is an establishment by Ashok Lall that specializes in sustainable architecture. The firm engages in providing low-energy green design solutions along with educational research projects. Lall works toward providing innovation and technology-driven design strategies that promote energy conservation.


Eugene Pandala

Source: Alchetron


Eugene Pandala is renowned for his construction techniques with mud for everything from building to furniture. Based in Kollam, Pandala practices a cob construction system using soil, straw, and gravel. 


Yatin Pandya

Source: Housing


Yatin Pandya has set his sustainable architecture practice in Ahmedabad, called Footprint E.A.R.T.H. The practice deals with architecture, product design, interior design, building conservation, and affordable mass housing. The firm is also involved in research projects pertaining to alternative building technology and environmental studies. 


Trupti Doshi

Source: Housing


Trupti Doshi leads Auroma Architecture, based out of Pondicherry. She works in the fields of ecological designs, waste management, rainwater harvesting, eco-friendly materials, use of renewable energy, and thermal comfort. Doshi has also been a part of lectures and conferences on the topics of smart cities, sustainability, and environmental entrepreneurship. 


Benny Kuriakose

Source: Zingy Homes


Based out of Chennai, Benny Kuriakose and Associates is a sustainable architecture firm with Benny Kuriakose as its principal architect. The firm derives its design inspiration from the vernacular architecture of south India. Stone, bricks, and wood are extensively used in projects designed by Kuriakose. 


Revathi Sekhar

Source: World Architecture Community


Revathi Sekhar led her sustainable architecture practice, named Kamath Design Studio in Delhi. The firm was formerly known as Revathi and Vasant Kamath. She was an advocate for green architecture and used mud as an integral part of her design. Revathi had also contributed her expertise to various exhibitions and local craftsmanship workshops. 


Dean D’Cruz

Source: Architect and Interiors India


Founder of Mozaic, Dean D’Cruz encourages sustainability through his practice in cost-effective and sustainable architecture. His firm is based in Goa where he works toward conserving the architectural inheritance of the state while providing holistic design solutions. 


Final Word

Sustainable architecture in India is further gaining impetus with the introduction of green building rating systems such as IGBC and LEED. Many manufacturers are innovating sustainable products made from recycled materials to contribute their bit towards a sustainable future. You can explore exhibitions and digital marketplaces to learn more about sustainable materials and products in India.

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