Shriraaas Residence by Studio AVP

Shriraaas Residence by Studio AVP

July 10, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

About the Principal Designer:

An architect with over 10 years of experience, Vikrant Panse brings youth and dynamism to the firm. His strong technical understanding coupled with a drive for an innovative design approach, make an important aspect for the firm to achieve global standards.

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Project Fact File:

  • Project Name: Shriraaas Residence
  • Project Location: Mumbai
  • Year of Completion: 2022
  • Principal Designer: Ar. Vikrant Panse
  • Photography By: Pixcelcraft
  • Built-up Area: 280 sq. m/ 3000 sq. ft 

Description as provided by the Designer:

Set amidst the bustling locality of Goregaon, this 3000-square feet duplex is all about opulence and grace. This duplex overlooks the serene landscape of Aarey Colony on one side and the tranquil waters of Versova creek on the other side; making the penthouse an oasis of comfort in a vibrant metropolis. Situated on the top floor of a high-rise building, this home makes a humble impression of serenity. The house design realises the client’s aspirations of “living life king size.”

Sterility and compactness- the key downsides of an urban residence have been undone in this home through minimalistic design interventions. The spatial design so evolved represents much warmth and generosity. Every bit of the duplex has been customised to the tee for making the place tailor-fit for the client’s needs. Structural modifications were undertaken to create larger spaces and allow abundant natural light to touch the interior surface finishes. Designed for a family of 4, the duplex consists of a foyer, living room, kitchen, dining area, powder room, and 3 bedrooms with attached toilet.

The grandeur of the double-height living area is balanced by the elongated entrance foyer which serves as a transitional space between the building lobby and the living room. The walls in the foyer embrace a muted brown veneer panelling to depict affability. Upon entering the living room, you will witness a wall-to-wall full-height window gesturing for nature to seamlessly blend with the built spaces. Covering the window is a translucent sheer allowing privacy into the space while keeping it well-lit. 

A feature wall adorned with a magnanimous tree-of-life artwork accentuates the living room. A C-shaped couch and coffee table setup placed on a custom-made rug creates a plush sitting area in front of the accent wall. A customized chandelier was designed to suit the aesthetics of the room, further adding to the elegance of the space. Adjacent to the living room is a 6-seater dining area providing a view of the neighbourhood skyline. A flowerbed beside the dining area makes the space more lively thereby helping enhance the appetite. A ring-shaped pendant light draws attention to the table making it the focal point of the space. 

The bedroom on the base floor makes a statement through symmetrical designs depicted in everything from the ceiling to the flooring. The room is furnished with a bed, sofa, wardrobe, console table, and television set mounted on a fabric panel-cladded wall. The island bed is sided with a nightstand that has an in-built charging portal. Material patterns that continue from the ceiling to the wall blending into the flooring appear to seamlessly merge into each other.

As you make your way to the top floor climbing the steps of a winder staircase, you land in a corridor that overlooks the double-height living room. A pristine painting of Shreenathji meets your eye at the mid-landing level reflecting upon the client’s faith. The top floor accommodates the master en-suite equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, study area and a walk-in wardrobe. A guest bedroom is located on the first floor which is used by the client's parents during their occasional visits. Alternatively, the room is used as a multi-purpose activity area for yoga, gym, and meditation. A nursery is designed for the younger child to indulge in a healthy play and learn session.

The master bedroom follows an eye-pleasing colour scheme of brown, cream, and green. Designed in a manner to exude comfort, the master bedroom is equipped with leisurely amenities. The room has an in-house bar, a mini fridge, a coffee vending machine, a television set, and a loveseat sofa- providing the perfect cocoon for a relaxing environment. Every element of the design from the sofa to the chandelier is customizer to the tee. The flower bloom-shaped chandelier placed on top of the loveseat provides ambient lighting thereby creating a lounging space in the master bedroom. The entire floor of the master bedroom is covered with a customised carpet design which seamlessly blends with the warm and natural flooring of the rest of the home. 

The adjoining study area houses a library with an open bookshelf flaunting the collection of books owned by the client. A custom-made study table is decorated with a pendant light providing the perfect spot for attending video meetings. The table has a well-rounded curved surface with in-built storage along with sufficient leg space for the client to work comfortably. The study accommodates a single bed which adds to the lounging experience of the room. A linear wooden hand rest runs along the length of the bed which can be used as a worktop or to keep coffee mugs, books, and pen stands. A full-length window invites natural light into the room making it a perfect reading spot for spending weekend afternoons. 

The guest bedroom is designed as a multi-utilitarian space with a minimalist approach with pastel-coloured finishes. The room is equipped with all things basic with the idea of creating a home-like environment for the visitors. 

Every room has an attached toilet planned with luxe surface finishes. Metallic frames, glass partitions, and natural stone flooring make the toilets appear highly aesthetic as well as functional. The patterns and grains on the floor make the space organic and fluid. Wardrobe designs with multiple shelves, drawers, and racks showcase attention to detail. All wardrobes have ample space for storing every little piece of clothing and accessory as per the requirements of the client. The colour of upholstery, veneer and laminate finishes, and bedhead panel designs are made as per client’s sense of style and liking. 

The subtle use of lustrous finishes, lavish materials, accent lighting, and bright coloured upholstery has made the project achieve luxury at its best. Every element of the home is designed with a hint of personalization. With fluted panels, intricate joineries, and material play doing their job, the furniture pieces reflects intricacy of design. The duplex maintains its exclusivity with a myriad of specially curated furniture and finishes that makes the home appear one-of-its-kind.


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