The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Home Decor

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Sustainability has become the next big thing in home decor. As climate change continues to impact the world, the global population is becoming more environment-conscious about their purchases. The desire to live in harmony with nature and restore ecological balance has inspired people to make the shift to organic products. Thus, sustainable home decor, also known as eco-friendly decor accessories has become the talk of the town. But, if you think that sustainable decor is just about being climate-conscious, you got it wrong! Incorporating the idea of sustainability in home decor enables you to instill a sense of calmness and serenity in your home. It connects you to nature while providing excellent aesthetics on a budget. 


5 Best Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

Imbibing sustainability in home decor demands an understanding of everything from product manufacturing to delivery. This entire process should have an environment-conscious approach that makes the product sustainable in all aspects. If you wish to amp up your home interiors with a decor makeover, here are the top sustainable home decor ideas you can use for your home. 


Reusable Furniture


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Introducing reusable furniture in your home is a great way to go sustainable because it allows you to recycle the product and increase its shelf life. If you have a piece of heirloom furniture such as a cane chair, wicker seat, or bamboo room partition, you can treat the product and reuse it in your home. You can make the furniture piece artsier by repainting or refinishing it.  This sustainable home decor idea gives an antique look to the room while adding a hint of personalization to the design. You can even reshape old furniture pieces into something new. For instance, a wooden coffee table can be transformed into a shoe rack with a finishing touch of polishing. 


Bring in Indoor Plants

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Use indoor plants to deck up your home with a fresh and eye-pleasing decor element. Plants are natural air purifiers and regulate indoor air temperatures by cooling the room. What makes plants even more special is that they add vibrance to the room and make it smell fresh. Plants such as Money Plant, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and Hibiscus are popular indoor plants that can be excellent for acing a sustainable home decor. But with plants, comes the task of nurturing them. So, you must look out for plants that require less maintenance, sunlight, and water so that they can thrive well by themselves with minimal intervention. 


Prefer Local Art and Craft

Source: Indoorscape


Prioritizing vernacular art and craft supports the local economy and encourages artisans to handcraft products. It also helps in saving the cost of transportation spent on importing decor products and keeps the local culture and tradition alive. By selecting a locally manufactured decor product, you support small-scale businesses to generate sales. Moreover, you can get a sustainable home decor product that’s exclusive to your home and cannot be replicated because of its handcrafted nature. Decor products such as pottery, jute rugs, and organic cotton throws work well for residential interiors. 


Bamboo and Cane Furniture

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Bamboo and cane are versatile sustainable materials that are widely used for making outdoor and indoor furniture. Both the materials give an exotic look to the room and make it feel warmer and cozier. They are extremely durable and strong materials that can be adorned with intricate carving details. You can introduce bamboo and cane furniture in your home in the form of chairs, lights, partitions, and tables. 


Non-Toxic Surface Finishes

Surface finishes such as paints and wallpapers emit harmful chemicals indoors. Paints generate Volatile Organic Components (VOC) which are unhealthy for humans. You can select paints made from extracts of lemon peels and seed oil beeswax. These organic color sources do not have a negative impact on the environment, are cost-effective, and have a negligible amount of VOC content.


Final Word

Sustainable home decor helps create a healthier and safer indoor environment. Especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we need homes that are designed for resilience which can be achieved through sustainability. By embracing sustainability, we can create a future that is the right balance of the built and unbuilt environment

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