Trending Interior Design Color Combinations for Homes

Trending Interior Design Color Combinations for Homes

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

If you have bought a new apartment or are looking to refurbish one, or even if it is for your future self, one thing that you need to consider is the color palette that bedecks your home. Color, being an influential characteristic of your personality, reflects in the environment of your space. The softness or subtlety of which can influence the sanctity of your home. Helping you to ensure a seamless little shift in the quality of your life, here are some of the most trending color schemes that you could incorporate in your home designs. 

The Pastel PaletteSource- Freepik

Being associated with a calming and peaceful feeling, a combination of pastel colors, could add a bit of liveliness into the interiors of a room. A blend of such a neutral undertone creates a muted color scheme that helps to accentuate the immaculate ethos of any room.   

The Earthen Caress

Source- Unsplash

With the immense circulation of ideas such as sustainability and usability, color schemes that incorporate the natural essence of our planet are highly appreciated. Experimentation of various materials with the colors, shades, and tones of these palettes leads to the creation of restful environments that induce peacefulness in their surroundings. With the use of darker shades and lighter tones, a certain depth could also be achieved that emphasizes the deepening effect of the room. 

The Rustic Lumber 

Source- Freepik

This palette introduces an urbane antique essence to the residence. Whilst being advised for rooms that require a flush of lighting, these combinations nudge the users an opportunity to flaunt their designer lighting systems. Usually emphasizing the whites of the interiors, they tend to create a visual hierarchy to let the essentials shine. They create a serene environment and harmonize with a picture of timeless nostalgia. 

Royalty in Disguise

Source- Unsplash

With a pale touch of blue and gold, this color scheme delineates the remnants of royalty. Once used by the preceding generations, this palette is now making a comeback for its ability to elaborate the significant richness of sculptural form and its dynamic aesthetics. 

The Blues

Source- Unsplash

Reflecting from the skies, onto the walls and ceilings of a room, the color blue has always made it to the list of trendiest color schemes. For all of its dramatic expressiveness and the range of available variations, this color is preferred by many. 

The Nostalgic Noir 

Source- Unsplash

The elegant use of this monotone exemplifies the beauty of a minimalist environment. When emphasized with deep colors such as burnt umber, this scheme could be used in a way to create a focal point that attracts the viewer's attention. 

The multipurpose use of this scheme, from the floor tiles to wall hangings, from a bedroom to a lounge, makes this scheme favored to be used.

The Turquoise Touch

Source- Freepik

Turquoise, being a flexible and playful color, forms the core of this palette. When complemented with several other options, this scheme could be used to create a variety of interiors, ranging from the soft and rich looks of the essentials to the bold and dark interiors of the room. 

In Conclusion

From the trendiest of palettes available, you can consider any of these color schemes by use or by choice, to modulate the quality of your life and create a personalized space that influences your thoughts for the betterment.


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