How to do Modular Switch Selection For a Home?

How to do Modular Switch Selection For a Home?

May 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Switches are the most-underrated design element of a home. 

A good switch helps to make the space look clean, organized, and systematic. It reflects the quality of life of the user and improves the standard of amenities provided. During switch selection, one needs to understand how the electric layout of a room has been laid out and how the switch will ease the life of the user. Typically, a simple and easily understandable design works best for switches so that the user is not left confused. Thankfully, the innovation in switches has brought light-weight, sleek, and modern switches into the limelight. 

Modular Switch Selection Guide for a Residential Project

Best Modular Switches Brands in India for Electric Switch Boards
Source: Decor Champ

Are you looking for some fresh ideas that can help you make better decisions about your switch selection? If yes, your search ends here. Read below to find out the guidelines that can help you select the right switches for your home.

Heat-Resistant Materials

The primary consideration while selecting switches is to prefer those made from heat-resistant materials. More than often, electrical circuits are liable to accidents such as arc flashes and overcurrent that lead to fire. To mitigate such damage, it is important to buy flame retardant (FR) grade materials that resist the spread of fire. Polycarbonate and specialized glass are one of the most popular FR-grade materials that provide an elegant look and finish.

Customization and Technology Options

When you are redesigning or revamping your space, the ideal way to select a switch is to choose the one that enhances and blends with the interior design of your space. You can select across multiple kinds of switch finishes such as matte, glossy, wood, and metallic that are available in the market. Integrate the switches in design to hide the screw holes drilled for electrical conduits. 

Clean and Durable Switch Design

Conventional switches can look dirty due to accumulation of oil and moisture. Hence, we suggest modular switch designs that utilize curved fixing plates to prevent dust from accumulating between the two elements. You can select modular switch options that are UV-resistant and can mitigate discoloring from UV light rays.

Adaptable Pin-Type Sockets

One of the most common issues international visitors face is the unavailability of compatible pin types. If you like being a good host, incorporating adaptable pin-socket types should be at the top of your list. Provide various pin types to ease the terms of usage and make room for multiple options.

Child Safety, Maintenance, and Repair

During switch selection, child safety should be one of your primary concerns if you have kids at your home. Have modular switch sockets with fixing plates that can be shuttered and have arc flash shielding. You can also look for microbe-resistant surfaces that use ions to purify.  

Best Switch Selections from Archizy

Explore the finest collection of switches listed on Archizy. 

Smart WiFi Modular Touch Switch by Netstar



This switch works with Netstar / Smart Life Mobile App, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Timer & Scheduling feature, and Scenes & Groups feature.

Switch Controller by Wozart

Wozart Switch Controller is a modular, retrofit and wireless home automation device that fits behind any standard switchboard and enables control, monitoring and automation of four connected appliances and lights from just about anywhere in the world.

Switch Controller Mini by Wozart

Control, monitor, and automate your appliances and lights. It works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Samsung SmartThings. The switch has easy DIY installation and is simple to use. It is Wi-Fi enabled; no hub is required and fits inside the standard wall switchboard.

Final Word

Switch selection appears to be an easy task but it actually requires much effort. Take the extra effort to do your research and analysis before making the decision about switch selection. You can also indulge in the wide variety of colors and shapes offered by leading switch companies in the market.

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