How to Design a Pooja Room for a Residential Project?

How to Design a Pooja Room for a Residential Project?

Oct. 28, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Pooja rooms are an integral part of every Indian household. They act as a reflection of people’s faith, traditions, and values. It is a place to pray, meditate, and connect with oneself. The pooja room is considered symbolic of God and radiates positive energy throughout the home. The intent of having a pooja room in the house is to invite a good omen and maintain calmness in times of crisis. If you are seeking ideas to create a beautiful pooja room for your home, then below are a few ideas you can take help from. Explore more about how to design a pooja room through the ideas mentioned below.

Consider Vastu

Vastu Shastra is the most important consideration for planning a pooja room. Determining the direction of the room and the facing of the deity is determined using Vastu Shastra principles. According to Vastu ideologies, it is ideal to place the deity in the pooja room facing the north-east direction which is considered to be the direction of Kuber. This ensures that the house is blessed with happiness and prosperity.  

Size of the Room

Depending upon the space you have in your home, you can dedicate a room or a corner to create the space for conducting pooja. If you have an open floor plan, then you can consider constructing a pedestal and placing the deity on it with a free-standing partition to demarcate the sacred space. In most cases, people consider having a small walled space for a pooja room to maintain the sanctity of the area. 

Material and Color Palette

A pooja room is a tranquil space that emits optimism and hope. Hence, it is important to use materials that resemble calmness. A neutral and pastel color scheme works well for pooja rooms. Colors such as white, brown, cream, and beige reflect warmth and create a soothing environment. You can use gold as an accent color to highlight certain design elements and add a hint of luxury. 

Accent Wall

The design of the wall where the deity rests its back is a crucial design element. It acts as the focal point of the room by serving as an artistic background. You can choose to accent the wall by installing wallpaper or by applying texture paint. You can also clad tiles on the wall to give a durable appearance to the room.

Devotional Room Decor

Add to the spiritual vibe of the room by accessorizing the room with diyas, rangolis, prayer mats, pooja bells, and kalash. Do not crowd or clutter the room by overdoing the room decor. You can decorate the room daily with fresh fragrant flowers to scent the room with freshness. A flower decoration will help in making the space look vibrant with minimal effort. 

Installing Lights

Enhance the aesthetics of the pooja room by installing accent lights. Use focus lights to draw attention to the face of the deity. You can use diya-shaped pendant lights to add a festive vibe to the room. 

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In Conclusion

Designing a pooja room is all about stimulating the senses. So while treating the eyes with beautiful colors and materials, also use fragrances to amp up the spiritual vibe. 

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