Wall Art Selection: Amping Up Your Home Interior Design

Wall Art Selection: Amping Up Your Home Interior Design

March 3, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

If you think that wall art selection is not your cup of tea, then let us tell you, you’re not the only one!

Art is difficult to perceive and we totally get that. It is also personal, subjective, and thought-provoking. Art reflects likes, dislikes, priorities, choices, emotions, and life at large. But, we think that the versatility of art is what makes it special. So, we believe that wall art is the perfect accent element for any interior space. It brings character to a room and encourages a visual dialogue with the visitor. 

5 Considerations for Wall Art Selection

If you are thinking of using wall art in your home, but are confused about which one is the right fit, let us help you. Below is a compilation of the most important considerations for wall art selection.

Size and Proportion

Source: House Beautiful

The size of the painting you select depends on the volume of the room. If you have a large room or a double-height space, you can install one huge painting in the space to add a dramatic effect. But, if you have a small room, you can try composing varied-sized paintings to create an accent wall.

Technique or Style

If you are confused about which painting to pick during the wall art selection, we suggest you go for the classics. For instance, Warli, Batik, and Songket are popular wall art trends that never go out of style. In case you are failing to decipher the underlying meaning of paintings, you can always invest time in understanding the technique of painting. Make an effort to know which colors are used and the method of painting. 

Design Concept and Color 

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Understand the design aesthetics of your home. If your home is designed using traditional Indian elements, using paintings made by local artisans would be a better fit for your wall. However, if your home is designed with contemporary elements, an abstract wall art selection would be a good choice.

Effect of Lighting

Lighting sets the mood of a space. If you are planning to install wall art in your home, make sure you use light to your benefit. Check if the lighting fixture emits white or yellow light to enhance the colors of your wall art. You can also frame your art with anti-reflective UV-protected glass to avoid glare.

Extension of Your Personality

Wall art selection is a personal exercise. The art piece should speak to you. It should inspire you to be yourself and depict your emotions. Use the art piece as a conversation starter and unleash your artistic side of you. 

Finest Wall Art Pieces on Archizy

Explore some of the most amazing wall art paintings listed on Archizy- India’s top digital material sourcing platform for architects and interior designers.


The Constitution of India acknowledges every individual as equal and understands the importance of equality in India. Dignity is what you preserve when equality prevails. An essential human right to offer equivalent privileges in promising circumstances, freedoms, and status, society has grown manifold over this thought.


Chemistry comes to those who connect, beyond attraction lies the feeling of staying committed to the love that grows, to stay eternally! This thoughtful beauty sheds light on the underlying desire to be with the soulmate who embraces you for who you are today and envisions a tomorrow that serves a spiritual soul purpose.


A breathtaking view of the countryside handcrafted in shades of nature for a cohesive color palette portraying a stunning garden scene of art. An engaging composition to gaze upon in your living room, bedroom, foyer, or office, this Mosaic painting will bring warmth to any space it is added.

Lego World

This painting unblocks creative minds and blocks that reach heights is all about this Lego World Mosaic piece, handcrafted to precision. The beauty will keep you hooked up to thinking outside the bricks and building your thoughts in this thoughtful colorful palette until a distraction makes its way to your mind.

Meera Bai

A love devotee of Krishna who taught the world the way to love God. Meerabai chose to be a "loyal wife” that met the societal traditions only in the sense that she devoted herself to her chosen spouse, Krishna, giving him the loyalty she would not give to her earthly spouse. She preached love with a message - here is but one means to experience Lord's Divine Presence—that is Bhakti.’

Final Word

Wall art selection can be a self-discovery process for you. Investing in wall art can seem a bit expensive, but the elegance it brings to a space is totally worth it. Don’t let your walls be boring. Adorn them with color, texture, and pattern using wall art.


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