The Tale of Tiles

The Tale of Tiles

March 2, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Tiles occupy most areas of any interior space. Be it the floor or wall - they can be used to create unique aesthetics. Today, tiles are available in various materials, patterns, textures, and colors to produce versatile interior designs. Therefore, we bring to you the most

unique tiles listed on Archizy. 


Castello Quartzite by Porceko

Castello quartzite slab offers a beautiful game of contrasts between the white background and grey-brown veins. Created by merging the diverse geological formations, the slab leaves behind a moon-like magnificent visual impact.


Via Lactea by Porceko

A deep black Porceko slab covered by indomitable and graceful white-colored veins describes the Via Lactea slab in the crestamatte surface.


Elite Almond by Querencia Ceramics




This tile has an exciting overlay of natural textures and patterns that makes it look artsy. Its versatile appearance makes it perfect for use in homes and offices. 


Rome Royale by Rollza Granito

You simply can’t take your eyes off the beautiful color and patterns of this tile. A strategic selection of furniture along with this tile can help in creating an exciting color palette in the room.


Stark Crema by Rollza Granito

This tile has a hint of sophistication because of its sublime cream color. You can select this tile for living rooms, bathrooms, and office spaces. 


Palawan 10 by Stoviz Tiles

The flute-like pattern of this tile coupled with the introduction of colors makes it an interesting choice for indoor applications. 


Borneo 04 by Stoviz Tiles

The colors, projections, and depressions make this tile an interesting choice for residential and commercial applications.


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