8 Top Statement Pieces to Create Focal Point in a Room

8 Top Statement Pieces to Create Focal Point in a Room

July 31, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

What’s your go-to move to add a wow factor to any interior space?

A sculpture…

A piece of furniture,... or maybe 

An abstract light fixture…?

Well, all of these collectively fall under the umbrella term of statement pieces; objects that draw attention and become the focal point of any space. Choosing statement pieces for your home is like discovering treasures that unlock the true essence of your personal style and creativity.

How to Select the Best Statement Pieces for Home Interiors?

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Navigating the world of statement pieces can be a thrilling yet daunting adventure. Let’s have a look at how you can select the best statement pieces for your abode.

Define Your Style and Vision

Before starting to look for statement pieces, take a moment to define your style and vision for your home. Are you drawn to modern and sleek designs, or do you prefer a more eclectic and bohemian vibe? Consider the colors, patterns, and textures that resonate with you. Create a mood board or a Pinterest board to gather inspiration and pinpoint the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. 

Identify Key Focal Points

Every room has its focal point- the areas that naturally draw the eye and serve as the perfect canvas for statement pieces. Identify these key focal points in your home, such as an empty wall, a spacious corner, or an empty nook that craves attention. These areas offer an ideal opportunity to incorporate statement furniture, artwork, or decor that steals the spotlight and adds a touch of drama to the space.

Embrace Unique Shapes and Designs

Statement pieces are all about making a bold statement, and one way to achieve this is by embracing unique shapes and designs. Look for furniture and decor with unconventional silhouettes, intricate detailing, or captivating curves. Whether it's an asymmetrical mirror, an artful sculpture, or a stunningly shaped armchair, these pieces instantly become conversation starters and add a touch of artistic flair to your home.

Mix Colors and Textures

Don't be afraid to play with colors and textures when selecting statement pieces. Opt for vibrant hues or bold patterns that complement your existing color palette while adding a pop of excitement. Consider mixing different textures, such as velvet, leather, metal, or wood, to create a dynamic and visually appealing contrast. The interplay of colors and textures will breathe life into your space and add depth to your overall design.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to statement pieces, quality is paramount. Investing in well-crafted and durable pieces ensures that they will stand the test of time and continue to dazzle for years to come. Quality statement pieces not only elevate your decor but also become cherished heirlooms that hold sentimental value and become an integral part of your home's story.

Stay True to Yourself

While exploring various options, always stay true to yourself and your personal style. Don't be swayed by passing trends or others' opinions. Choose statement pieces that resonate with your heart and reflect your unique taste. Your home should be a space that brings you joy and comfort, so let your intuition guide you in selecting pieces that truly speak to you.

8 Best Statement Pieces for Your Home Listed on Archizy

Archizy provides designer materials and products for all your style and budget needs. Let’s have a look at some of the most promising statement pieces listed on Archizy.

Expression Table

This statement piece is thoughtfully prepared with green detailing that stands out like kohl to the eyes, elevating the overall look of the place. This Centre Table has a nude wooden top sitting beautifully on an abstract-shaped concrete base supported by sturdy steel bars accompanied by wheels for easy movement.

Asteroid - Clay Floor Lamp

This one-of-a-kind creation represents our interpretation of the concept of "functional art", blending form and function in a way that is both striking and practical. Crafted over the course of 80 hours, this totem floor lamp is the culmination of the brand’s passion for design and artistry. 

Dancing Butterfly Premium Wall Clock

This elegant design will bring sleek style to your space without overwhelming the room’s overall aesthetic. This modern minimalist wall clock is an excellent option for bedrooms and living areas. 

Pliez Lounge Chair

This statement furniture piece has an organic body that bends smoothly, adapting naturally to the silhouette of whoever sits on it. An attractive piece that discreetly reveals its curves while standing from different angles.

Abstract Couple in Love

This lively décor sculpture will illuminate any room, its elegant shape radiates finesse and beauty. Naturally eye-catching, this statement-piece sculpture could transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office into a work of art!

The Vintage Telescope

If you are someone who loves outer space, this functional and super stylish crystal and brass telescope is your go-to decor piece. It can be placed in the living room or lounge areas where people can make maximum use of the product. 

Luxury Modern Crystal Double Height Chandelier

This beautiful large chandelier is compatible with high ceilings and double-height spaces. It is a rare statement piece that’s elegant, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing- all at once. 

Green Monochromatic Stripes With Leaves

This canvas painting is designed by the brand’s in-house artists and printed using eco-friendly inks providing UV rays protection and fade-proof technology. This painting is a good fit for living rooms, dining rooms, office lobbies, and bedrooms. 


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