The Play of Lights

The Play of Lights

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Lighting creates an impression like no other interior design element. You can develop interesting patterns and shadows with the help of light. Today, the purpose of lighting is more than simply illumination. It is being reinvented to suit the aesthetic and functional needs of the user. So, here are some trending lighting solutions listed on Archizy that can be used in your next project. 


Saucer B by Luce


This unique and opulent wall light is ideal for palatial living rooms, corridors, or above bedside tables. Its compact design makes it suitable for use in modern contemporary homes. 


The Octant - M by Luce

Invite timeless elegance to your residential interior design with this traditional crystal chandelier. Beaded clear strands, gleaming teardrops, and sparkling prisms create a shimmering shade as they cover nearly every available space on the open antique frame.


The Walled Lampshade by Aradhana Shop

This intricately painted lampshade is inspired by Indian miniature art. The unique craftsmanship of this lamp makes it perfect for use in traditionally designed homes. 


Black Geminus Long Crystal Chandelier by Harold Electricals


This chandelier is the perfect choice for bungalows and penthouses. The fluid geometry of this pendant light provides an elegant and sophisticated appearance to a space. 


Chirpy Wall Light by Harold Electricals


This abstract light is inspired from a free-flying bird. It can be installed in living rooms, libraries, and lounges. 


Wing Floor Lamp by Lamp Shaper


The design of this floor lamp has linear arms, geometric light sources, reflective surfaces and balancing weights. The piece's arms rotate freely and delicately, creating an ever-changing light pattern unique to the space they occupy.


Brownpaper Lantern by Brownfolds


Made from paper, this lamp is perfect for outdoor installations. It adds a touch of warmth to places and enhances the welcoming vibe of a space. 


Wynston Golden Lantern  by Home Artisan


Made from stainless steel, this lantern dazzles even without candlelight reflecting on its polished surfaces. It's unique shape and the oh-so-lustrous golden finish give this lantern a distinct identity

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