Step-By-Step Guide to Select Sculpture for a Home

Step-By-Step Guide to Select Sculpture for a Home

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Sculptures are heavenly. 


They communicate ideas, evoke thoughts, inspire people and transport them to ultimate bliss. 


The central idea of any sculpture is to captivate. It demands attention by being the focal point of a space. Moat sculptures are statement pieces thoughtfully carved to deliver emotions, similar to what a painting does. What distinguishes sculptures from paintings is the third dimension they bring to the art, and that makes all the difference.


How to Select Sculptures and Artefacts

If you are thinking of getting a sculpture for your home, we bet that you are confused about which one is the right fit for you. But, don’t you worry. We get that art interpretation and selection are not everyone’s cup of tea, but this guide will help you navigate the sculpture selection process like a pro.



Select a sculpture for your home that does not shout for attention nor does it fade away in the background. If you want a sculpture for placing on the floor indoors, select one that is less than half the height of the room. In case you need a wall sculpture design, select something that is noticeable and does not collide with the circulation pattern of the room. 



The placement of the sculpture is key to making it the star element of the room. Do not stuff the room with too many sculptures and furniture. Provide sufficient appreciation space for people to view and admire the sculpture. Avoid placing plants or any other piece of accessory beside it so that the sculpture is not overshadowed.



The color of the sculpture can be dramatic or simple depending upon the color scheme of the rest of your house. People often select a sculpture that blends with the color of their wall. But in reality, it is the fundamental opposite that works best. Select a contrasting color sculpture such as green with bronze and blue with silver to create the right visual balance.



In addition to your regular home lighting, use focus lighting to enhance the sculpture for your home. Wallwashers, spot lights, and LED strip lighting are great for attracting attention to a particular design feature. Select the color of your light based on the color and form of the sculpture so that they enhance each other. 


Top 5 Picks from Archizy


Lord Shri Ram Monolithic Black Granite Sculpture

Lord Shri Ram Monolithic Black Granite Sculpture for Home, Temple, and Garden Decor.



Goddess Saraswathi Monolithic Black Granite Sculpture

Goddess Saraswathi Monolithic Black Granite Sculpture for Home, Temple, and Garden Decor.



Jaguar Sculpture- Golden

This lively Golden Jaguar sculpture will illuminate any room with its elegant shape that radiates finesse and beauty.


Horse Bookend Golden

Make your study & living space fun & quirky with the Designer International Horse Head Bookend set. Now place your books in style with this set



Golden Deer Wall Mask

A perfect blend of manufacturing excellence with creativity, our luxury wall art provides beauty with simplicity. Superior in quality, these are available in excellent finishes and complement every kind of décor.



Final Word

Selecting a sculpture for your home can be tiresome. But, you must not shy away from the grind. Do your research about the artist, manufacturer, history, and ideas for every shortlisted sculpture. Try and visualize the sculpture in your room because it should not appear as if coming out of nowhere in any home interior design. Instead, a sculpture should continue depicting the design analogy like the rest of the room while still managing to be the center of attraction.

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