Innovative Marketing Ideas for Material Suppliers

Innovative Marketing Ideas for Material Suppliers

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

The work scope of a building material supplier is much more than delivering materials to architects. It involves keeping a check on the material inventory, design, and networking with the design community. But, most times manufacturers and material vendors are so involved in the product technicalities that they get little or no time in networking. This negatively impacts material sales and loosens their grip over the market. 

Exploring innovative marketing ideas to increase their sales is an important aspect of being a material supplier. In order to reach your target audience, you have to understand their psyche and develop a value-based relationship. For this purpose, it is important to have good communication skills and creative thinking. These are skill sets that the contemporary material manufacturers and suppliers are lacking and must fast catch up with. Marketing to architects requires a tech-integrated approach to stand out in a crowded market of material suppliers.


3 Innovative Marketing Ideas You Must Know


1. Digital Outreach Campaigns

Marketing in the modern-day world makes the internet a significant outreach tool. If you are ignoring the idea of having a digital presence, it is probably not the wisest choice. All global brands, whether big or small are going digital and so should you. Ditch your conventional ways of marketing through cold calls and walk-in meetings. These traditional ideas have fewer sales conversion scope and require much time, money, and energy investment. Devising an email campaign or fashioning an Instagram page will better help in reaching your target audience. It is even easier to get referrals online than through the word-of-mouth pattern. Listing materials and products on platforms such as Archizy significantly help in brand marketing campaigns.


2. Add Value to People

Content marketing is one of the most innovative marketing ideas. It deals with generating leads by adding value to a potential client’s life. By sharing knowledgeable and useful content, a material supplier can create their image as an expert in the AEC domain. Use the digital medium to your advantage and host webinars, workshops, and networking events to effectively market to architects. Run informative campaigns around the building materials you sell and show how they are useful. Engage with your target audience by interacting with their content and adding meaningful insights to it. While you add value to your target audience, you will also get to learn and grow yourself. Consume content that helps you hone soft skills such as presentation, relation-building, and communication. 


3. Study Competitor Ideas

The building construction industry is crowded with material suppliers and manufacturers who sell similar products. Hence it is necessary to understand how you are better than the rest by analyzing the marketing activities of your competitors. Healthy competition is necessary for personal growth as it keeps you informed about the latest trends and innovative marketing ideas. Contextual marketing is another hot topic that is efficient to generate attention to your brand. This marketing style encourages personalized content for a specific area or situation making it relatable to the current context. 


Reaching your target audience is a tricky affair. You have to continuously upgrade your thinking and skills in order to strike the right chord with them. This signifies that business development is at the heart of every enterprise. Therefore generating sales must be as much a priority as material manufacturing is. Use these innovative marketing ideas to find the right audience for your product and improve your sales figures.


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