How to Select Bathroom Fixtures for Your Project?

How to Select Bathroom Fixtures for Your Project?

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma


The most private and intimate space in our homes is the bathroom. It is like an interval in our lives where we get a chance to pause and be self-introspective. Now, a bathroom looks appealing when it's given its due design respect like other rooms.


The beauty of a bathroom is not always necessarily walls, floors, or ceilings but at times it's the fixtures. Today, every object irrespective of size when divinely touched upon by design goes on to produce enchantment. The fixtures are a few of those objects and when selecting for your bathroom should be done with due care.


These shiny and lustrous elements are like the icing on the cake or rather the cake itself. If you are planning on adding new fixtures or replacing old ones in your bathroom then you can read further and discover more ideas.


Fabricating a Budget

Every aspect of interior design needs to be allocated proportionate funds. A bathroom that might be a private space and not directly seen, too needs to be given appropriate financial weightage. 


Depending on the kind of fixtures and fittings you opt for, a pre-planned budget keeps you on track. When going for stylish and contemporary products, different material finishes or intricate patterns might cost you more than you expected. This might lead to a change in the budget and directly change the style of other fixtures or lead to compromising on the rest of the elements. 


In Sync with the Home’s Theme

let's say, you have an Art Nouveau style of interior design that conceptualizes around curves and asymmetrical patterns. Now if you select fixtures for the bathroom that are 21st-century modern thinking it's not visible then it's a mistake. Often we fall prey to this thinking and should be avoided. In fact, take this opportunity and play with styles and patterns. Have beautifully crafted faucets, and ornamented holders, and let the concept be felt even in the bathroom. 


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We all know that the bathrooms are more secretive than the public zones of our homes. This makes the bathrooms feel detached from the entire space. Also, we only care about things that are clearly visible rather than what's not. So be careful with this.


Beware of the Plumbing Lines

Our buildings have properly allocated service ducts or in the case of an old building the piping might be through walls or other techniques. In any case, make sure when you change the fittings you go in accordance with the previous lines, or else it might lead to leakages in the future.

For instance, if you wish to have a wall-mounted w.c or a basin but the wall is not that strong or there is a bedroom or living room on the other side then you can’t create a hole on that wall. The size of the pipes is slightly larger and there might be chances of leakages. In such cases go for ledge walls to pass the pipes with ease. These reasons or limitations can sometimes influence the design choices of fixtures.


Consider the Anthropometry

Anthropometry is the scientific study of the proportions and measurements of the human body. Fixtures include water closets, bathtubs, flanges, showers, wash basins, etc. When going for any of these make sure you have measured the sizes of the bathroom and the fixtures in relation to the members who are going to use them. A very significant parameter for selection, this factor should be well considered and not avoided. 


Comfort over Style

It's easy to get swayed away by good-looking fixtures. When selecting any kind of fixture or fitting, make sure it's easy to operate. A quirkily designed fixture looks astonishing but if people find it difficult to use then it might become embarrassing and the meaning is lost. This is another indispensable factor.


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Final Word

You can select the fixtures based on materials or diverse metal finishes that can surprise you every time you enter the bathroom. They are instant impact features and pack a punch. Incorporating the right choice is so crucial for ever-lasting contentment.

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