How to Design and Furnish a Kids Bedroom

How to Design and Furnish a Kids Bedroom

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Getting your kids bedroom designed is like unveiling a box full of surprises. There are multiple layers to it. The aspirations, dreams, and ideas of both the children and the parents manifest themselves in the form of the kids bedroom design. This process involves meticulous planning and creativity which is where a promising interior designer can step in to help you. Seeking help from a professional will help you translate your ideas to reality while achieving optimum functionality. 


Everything to Know About Designing a Kids Bedroom

Source: Elle Decor


If you are confused between too many ideas about how to design your kids bedroom below are some considerations you can take cues from.



The height, weight, and overall physique of a child is different from that of an adult and therefore a kids bedroom should be designed by taking those ergonomics into account. You can choose to design the room with height-adjustable furniture so that the kid can fix the furniture according to their comfort as their height increases. The more flexibility you introduce into your room the easier it will be to make tweaks into the bedroom as the kid grows. 


Concept and Theme

Your kid might already have ideas about how they want their bedroom to look and feel. Speak to your child about their likes and wants while also looking up the internet for interesting and functional kids bedroom designs. The bedroom design can be inspired by cartoons, superheros, colors, or movies that make the child feel comforted and inspired. 


Play and Study Area

The kids bedroom is not just meant for sleeping. In homes with space constraints, having nurseries for playing and study rooms for reading might be difficult. So, the kids bedroom should be able to accommodate a study desk and a play area. An effective way to achieve this is by maximizing the floor area so that the kids can place their toys on the floor and play. You can bring in multi-purpose storage chests for storing toys and books. Introduce a wall-mounted foldable study table for maximizing space utilization and easing circulation in the room. 


Bed Design

The design and placement of beds is crucial in determining the aesthetics of your kids bedroom. Typically, most parents opt for either a single bed or bunk beds depending upon the availability of space in the room. Pre-fabricated beds are available in the market and can be easily installed in the room. You can also opt for a custom-made bed which is preferable in case you want to personalize the space and make it look more organized and well-planned.


Top Kids Furniture Picks from Archizy

Explore the most vibrant and functional kids furniture on Archizy. 


Lime Fig Table by X&Y Furniture

Lime Fig Table is a perfect solution for modern homes & for preschools. This table will give your child their very own place to sit and play with their toys or enjoy their lunch with their friends. This kid’s table is a flat-pack that makes it easy to carry with you.


Blue Apple Chair by X&Y Furniture

A perfect solution for practical and modish furniture for your home and classroom. The Blue apple chair is light weighted. No fuss, straightforward, sturdy, and stiff. The assembly of the chair is so easy that even your kids will enjoy doing it.


Aqua Plum Toy Chest by X&Y Furniture

Aqua Plum toy box is a perfect place for all the treasures of childhood. X&Y offers a simple & classy design with compression hooks to prevent little fingers from being caught. This wooden toy box just about fits anywhere in your house. 


Metallic Berries Floor Chowki by X&Y Furniture

Metallic Berries is a Montessori learning chowki that can be used to help children comfortably write, draw or work while sitting on the floor or on the bed. They can be used in the classroom or at home. The floor desk is sturdy, durable, and lightweight so they are easy to move and carry with you.


Red Pear Bookshelf by X&Y Furniture

Storytime provides special bonding between children and parents. At X&Y, the kid’s bookshelf makes the story time fun, with an organized shelf that is easily accessible and stylish. This Red Pear bookshelf looks stunning in kids’ bedrooms, playrooms,, or even in nurseries.


Final Word

Create a kids bedroom that is conducive to the growth of the child. Use colors that make them feel happy, cheerful, and comforted to kickstart the day on a brighter note. Keep upgrading the bedroom according to the childrens’ needs as and how they grow.

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