How to Best Integrate Resin Products and Accessories in a Residential Project?

How to Best Integrate Resin Products and Accessories in a Residential Project?

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Aren't you tired of staring at that plain wall? What do your friends think about the boring furniture you've got? Do you have any plans to elevate your outdated interiors? Worry no more! If you wish to amp up your interiors and are in search of new materials, you don't have to look any further than this. 

What is the Material? 

It is resin! 

Resin is a versatile material made up of a mixture of polymers and a hardening agent. It has become increasingly popular in recent days of interior design, for its wide range of applications. From furniture and walls to flooring and lighting, it is all covered. Listed below are some of the ways it can be used to liven up your interior designs. 


Alt text: An example of Resin used in Furniture

Source: Hoomdecoration

Resin is a great material to use when creating bespoke coffee tables, sofas, or even light fixtures. The translucent nature of resin allows for it to be used as a material that creates a unique visual effect. It also provides the designer with the possibility to add various personalized elements such as flowers, seashells, or even other memorabilia to the resin mixture, which would make the finished product more personified and beautiful. 

Wall Finishes

Alt text: An example of Resin used in Wall Decoration 

Source: Archello

Another popular application of resin in interior design is as a wall covering. Resin can be used to create a smooth and seamless finish on walls, which will bring a modern and contemporary look to any space. It could also be used to create various textures on the wall that would add more depth and dimension to the room. This material is particularly useful for accent walls, where it can be used to create either a bold and eye-catching statement, or a soft and subtle look. 


Alt text: An example of Resin used in Flooring

Source: Pinterest 

In addition to these applications, resin is also an excellent material for creating designer flooring. It can be poured onto a concrete or wood subfloor to create a custom finish which could be colored, textured, and even embedded with other elements such as stones, glass, or metallic flakes to create a unique and bespoke look. This makes it an ideal choice for modern, contemporary spaces.

Decorative Items

Alt text: An example of Resin used as wall art

Source: The Hotel Art

Its property of being translucent, along with the ability to be shaped and molded into various forms, makes it ideal to be used to form many decorative products. From sculptures and wall art to coasters and candle holders, the possibilities of incorporating this material into a designed space are endless. 


Top Resin Products and Accessories Listed on Archizy 

Check out these resin products and accessories listed on Archizy. 


Verde Aesthetic Resin Art Round Coasters by HN Hues

Malachite Resin Tray by HN Hues





Malachite Aesthetic Resin Art Round Wall Mechanical Clock by HN Hues




In Conclusion 

Resin is a versatile and unique material that can be used in a variety of ways to accentuate the quality of your interior. Whether you are looking for unique furniture, wall coverings, flooring, or decorative accents, the resin has you covered. So why not bring a touch of sophistication and style to your home with this amazing material?


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