Amping Up Interiors with Art and Sculpture

Amping Up Interiors with Art and Sculpture

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Art and sculpture pieces bring a creative streak to the interior design of a place. It adds meaning to a room and acts as the perfect conversation starter when guests come over. The personality of the users can be beautifully depicted through artwork. Therefore, we bring to you the most unique art and sculptures listed on Archizy. 


Concealed by Being CreARTive


This Concealed Artwork challenges you to reveal something about yourself that leaves you awestruck at the power of observation. So, wrap it up right away and adorn this ‘secret to reveal’ concealed mosaic art in your next interior design project. 


Boating Sculpture by Mad About Decor

If you want to create a relaxing vibe in the corner of a room, this boating sculpture can help you achieve that. The black and golden color of the sculpture beautifully complements each other. 


Purple Themed Botanical Digital Painting by Rimari

Adorned with a splash of maroon, this purple-themed botanical digital painting is a statement-making accent piece. The elegance of this art piece makes it suitable for use in residential and hospitality projects. 


Vinayagar Monolithic Black Granite Sculpture by Yaali Stoneworks

This monolithic black granite sculpture is a picturesque addition to Indian households. It can be placed in a temple or on a console table to create a spiritual vibe. 


Royal Drip Wall Art by Evolve India

The use of royal and elite colors justifies the name of the painting. The use of geometric forms with a splash of color creates an interesting visual balance.


Althea Golden Spiral Sculpture by Home Artisan

This sculpture features a metallic spiral structure on top of a marble base. The beautiful detailing of metal and the contrasting white color of marble lend this piece a touch of elegance.

Jaguar Sculpture Silver by AMID Design







This jaguar sculpture is suited for homes and offices where you want to depict power and fierceness. The bling and shine of the sculpture provide it an exotic appearance.


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