5 Wardrobe Design Ideas to Keep Your Home Organized

5 Wardrobe Design Ideas to Keep Your Home Organized

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Are you tired of unkempt clothes and invest a reasonable amount of time every day figuring out how to arrange them? Well, you would be happy to know that it’s not just your personal struggle, but something that we all face. Having a perfectly organized wardrobe can feel like a distant dream but you can achieve it with our one solid mantra! Here’s it - change your wardrobe styling! In today’s fast pacing world, time is of utmost importance. Having an efficient wardrobe design will keep your belongings in an orderly manner. It will not only help you save some precious time but also keep your entire house organized. Read through the article and explore the possibilities of creating new arrangements inside your wardrobe.


A wardrobe is an exterior form or the body, housing different sections inside it. There are various sizes of compartments or layouts that you can create inside the cupboard. Starting from the top; you can have a loft, gradually descending to the area with a rod to hang shirts and trousers, followed by drawers of various sizes, followed by shelves that can be fixed or adjustable, and at the bottom with racks. One can install hooks on the back of the door too. These are basic zones, provided to make your work convenient and efficient and open to experimentation based on personal preferences. It also creates a habit of putting away your accessories and garments where they should be, creating less or no mess in the home. 


Source: IKEA

Creating a Loft

All of us have traditional and western outfits, uniforms, nightwear, and casualwear clothes along with footwear, accessories, books, documents, etc. in our wardrobes. It is always smart to put them according to their frequency of use. 


Lofts can be created at the top, to put our less used clothes away safely without interfering with our daily wear. These are clever spaces and substitute our ideas of putting clothes over the wardrobe or under the bed. You can also have openable shutters for your lofts to segregate the space making it a different part of the same wardrobe. 

Adjustable Shelves

Adding shelves to the design can prove to be fruitful. These can be fixed or movable depending on your choice. These are open chambers that are used to put clothes in a folded way. Having movable shelves with tongue and groove joints can help in sliding the shelves up and down according to our needs. You can completely remove them when required to put a big object too.


Thus, having shelves that can be adjustable works wonders which not only creates more space but looks appealing every time the door is opened. 


The next design component that can be incorporated is drawers. Drawers are the unsung heroes of a wardrobe. All those small items that lay haywire, can simply be put inside it. These can act as separators between garments and accessories. 


Even inside a drawer that can be separators to put your watches, glasses, belts, and handkerchiefs, in order. You can have transparent or translucent drawers that are see-through to add a new look and introduce a new material to create a change in design. You can always play with fancy handles or even have push-to-open drawers which are simple yet functional concepts.


Source: abacus kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms


These can be conveniently placed at the bottom to lay your footwear. It can also be used to put your documents or even bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. Trousers and shirts (if hangers are not provided) can be laid over these racks provided they are long and spacious so that they remain well ironed and be picked only when needed.

Final Word

One can put a mirror on the door to make the wardrobe flush with the wall and make the room look bigger. Designing a wardrobe is all about knowing the space that is available to you, your needs that will decide the compartments you need, and the kind of behaviors and habits you possess when it comes to storing and stacking. With these, your wardrobe design will become more useful than ever and radiate orderliness in the entire home.


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