5 Best Balcony Design Ideas for Homes

5 Best Balcony Design Ideas for Homes

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Balcony is a dynamic space that connects the outdoors to the indoors. It is a semi-open area of the house which lets fresh air indoors and allows natural light to flow into the space. Balconies provide the scope of creating green pockets in compact urban apartments which help in adding a refreshing vibe to the home. This makes balconies a recreational space meant for connecting with people and nature. But if left unattended, balconies can be a dead space in the home used for storing unutilized objects. Hence, it is important to think of balconies as an individual space in the home which can serve versatile purposes. 


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Designing Balconies Beyond the Ordinary

Typically, balconies are overlooked and considered a space of secondary importance. But, with decreasing access to outdoors, balconies are becoming an integral part of a home’s interior design. The significance of balconies has been re-established especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. People began to rediscover balconies as a place to have visual access to the outdoors and feel comforted. If you too are planning to amp up your balcony, then here are some of the best balcony design ideas you can use.


Home Garden


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One of the best ways to design your balcony is to introduce landscape in it. You can create a garden in your balcony by placing potted plants along the parapet wall. This can serve the dual purpose of enhancing the building elevation while improving the quality of indoor spaces. You can plant succulents, money plant, aloe vera, areca palm, and peace lily in your balcony to help create a stress-free environment in your home. Plants also help in purifying air and creating a healthy ambience indoors. 


Outdoor Furniture


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Balconies can be a great place to unwind the day and spend a cozy evening with the family. To transform that imagination into a reality, you can consider adding outdoor furniture in your balcony. Chairs and tables built in cane are excellent choices to adorn your balcony. Lounge chairs, bar tables, and other moveable furniture are also great for amping the look of your balcony. You can install a grass carpet on the balcony floor for adding a natural element to design.


Reading Corner


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A balcony is the perfect spot to create cozy reading corners. Reading is best done in natural light and a balcony offers exactly that. You can keep light-weight moveable bookshelves in the balcony to create your personal library. A chair and table setup alongside the bookshelf can be a good reading spot. You can deck the bookshelf with potted plants to enhance the aesthetics of your balcony. If you are facing a space crunch, then you can think of innovative ways to introduce seating in the balcony. Swings and bar stools are excellent examples for this purpose.


Introduce Lighting


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Lighting instantly sets the mood of a place. It helps in bringing character to a room by playing with various color temperatures and lighting patterns. Along with ambient lighting, we suggest you consider adding accent lights to your balcony. Hanging lights, fairy lights, floor lamps, and wall washers are first-rated ways to incorporate lighting in your balcony design. If you have a creative streak, then you can also create DIY lamps to adorn your balcony space to accentuate your design.


Add Accessories


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Decorate your balcony with accessories such as wind chimes, picture frames, and hanging pots. These decor elements will help to increase the aesthetic value of your balcony. You can also decide to go minimalistic with your balcony decor by underplaying decor elements. Incorporating a few vases and table decor items can help you achieve a minimalist look. 


In Conclusion

With these balcony design ideas at your disposal, you can get started right away. Add a hint of personalisation to your balcony by repainting the side walls in your favorite color or drawing attention to the wall with a decal. You can discover more design ideas and trends on Archizy. 


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