5 Best Architecture Trends in 2023 You Must Know

5 Best Architecture Trends in 2023 You Must Know

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Design trends are contagious and to follow or not to follow trends is the constant dilemma architects face. Whether or not the trend is aesthetic, whether or not it will fit into your budget, and whether or not the trend is a fit for your project - you only know once you have tried a hand at it. But, most trends are thankfully worth the risk. Speaking of risks, the predictions for architecture trends in 2023 have arrived and it's safe to say that they are anything but mundane. These design trends are fierce, experimental, and inspired from the day-to-day living of the modern world. Discover for yourself. 


Top 5 Architecture Trend Predictions in 2023

Architecture trends in 2023 have evolved from people’s need of feeling comforted, bold, and natural. Since the past 2 years have been stressful owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people now want to live in healthier, more refreshing, and interactive spaces. Read below to find out which architecture trends are expected to guide building designs in 2023.


Multifunctional Spaces

Source: ArchDaily


Open and flexible spaces meant for serving more than one function are the hottest talk of the town. Making homes and offices more free-flowing gives people the ability to design their spaces according to their needs. So, a room that is a living area by the day can be a bedroom by the night through the incorporation of a murphy bed or sofa cum bed. Multifunctional spaces help in maximizing the utility of a space which is necessary to achieve in today’s space-deprived real estate industry. 


Local and Sustainable

Source: ArchDaily


In the architecture fraternity, environmental consciousness is in its initial stages of realization and acceptance. While we still have a long way to go in achieving carbon-neutral buildings, people starting to make sustainable choices is a big win. Recycled construction materials, local procurement of resources, and vernacular construction techniques are gaining popularity because of their environment-friendly nature. 


Arches and Curves

Source: World Architecture Community


Gone are the days of linear geometry, it's time to embrace curves. Arches and other dynamic shapes have always been an architect's favorite tool for breaking the monotony of linear forms. Since architecture trends in 2023 are about subtly making a statement, arches and curves are the perfect way to achieve that. Hence, organic, fluid structural forms and arches in building elevation are gaining prominence in contemporary architecture. 


Use of Colors

Source: Architectural Digest


For the longest time, the architecture industry has been using pastel color schemes. But, 2023 is the year of flamboyance. People are now eager to dive into refreshing color palettes and make buildings more emotive. Brightly colored facades, window frames, doors, and staircases are expected to become increasingly popular in the coming year. A blend of various materials, textures, and patterns can be used to make the use of colors more interesting. 


Blending Indoors With Outdoors

Source: Pinterest


Having access to nature is a necessity for mankind. So, the trend of blending indoors with the outdoors can never go out of style. Architecture trends in 2023 will encourage the incorporation of indoor plants, green walls, green roofs, and green facades in building design. Inviting nature indoors helps to create a stress-free, healthy, and aesthetic environment for the building occupants. 


Trendy Design and Decor Products on Archizy

Explore classic, quirky, and trending architectural materials and products on Archizy.


Lona by Bluedot Design










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This planter is ideal to be used as a table planter instead of a floor planter due to its height Material: Galvanized Metal With Powder Coating The planter pot doesn't come with a drainage hole at the bottom.


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Final Word

Architecture trends in 2023 are focussed towards people’s wellbeing and cheerfulness. These attributes make them easy to adopt and apply in design. Hence, we think that these trending architecture ideas are here to stay and make contemporary living more meaningful and purpose-driven

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