5 Amazing Ways to Use Arches in Your Home Interior Design

5 Amazing Ways to Use Arches in Your Home Interior Design

June 9, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Arches as an element of design date centuries back in time. From being architecturally used in castles to bridges to now as interior design elements, the use of arches can and will never vanish. What started as a structural constituent has gradually over years become an aesthetic piece and folks just fancy it.


In the world of interior design, it's slowly becoming a popular choice for its prominent attributes. Incorporating the concept of arches actually makes a volume look slightly vintage and characterful. It adds a bit of curvilinearity in contrast to the straight lines a house is made up of. 


If you are planning to add arches as a design hallmark in your homes or anywhere then read through the article and surprise yourself with ideas that can change your spaces forever. 


Arches in Apertures

The windows and doors of a house are usually rectangular. This time around, capitalize on these openings and transform them into the form of arches. The type of arch you choose is up to you, but the idea is visually appealing. Having seen in churches, such arches add immense beauty and with colored glass windows, if you wish to put them in your spaces, it is strikingly serene.


Source: Pexels


If you wish to play with materials it is always a good choice to experiment with stone or bricks. Keeping them exposed or not is another choice you can make. 


Perception Play

The different rooms of a house can be easily separated visually by adding arches in corridors and passages which lead you from one space to another. A trail of arches can create drama and make you feel enchanted. The underside of the arches can be painted and highlighted to add layers of design.  


Source: Pexels


Arches can act as connectors and segregators depending on how they are designed and made to look. Two different colors on either side give rise to two different emotions and without much effort separate various zones of the house. 


Arches as Statement

A space can have one or more features that stand out. Arches can be one of them or the only ones to fulfill the look of the space. Using them as entrances, or even as furniture pieces on walls to hold sculptures or showpieces are ways to introduce this feature. 


Source: Pexels


Next is to highlight the theme by adding layers of ornamentation around the arch or on the underside. By adding details to it, the aura of the space instantly starts developing. By having an exposed brick or stone arch (if possible) it can look like a piece of art where the structural ability of the arch steals the show and attracts prominence.


Surprise Them

The use of arches is usually done in public zones of the house. This time surprise yourself by placing this element in your private spaces like bathrooms. This might sound occasionally  unheard or unseen, but the introduction of arches in the bathroom is completely astonishing, and complementing them with plants takes one back in time.


Source: Pinterest


Having arched wardrobes or just the imprint of an arch on it, or even mirrors shaped like it can look amusing. The scale doesn't matter at times but the idea does. Having chic borders is certainly an add-on.

Molding and Types

There are ample styles of arches that have developed since their evolution. Every country has its own. With the advent of time shapes have kept growing and now we have so many options to choose from. A different mold gives rise to a different form and a different vibe. 


Source: Pinterest

Every room can have a different arch to give an identity to the space. Using an arch is one notion and using which type of arch is another. Choose one according to your character and one that connects with you.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned ideas might have put your thoughts to ease and finally given you a direction to head in. Focus on dull and boring spaces that need a lift. Finally, it is important to visualize a volume and plan where the arch should be located to avail the full potential of this outstanding design element

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