How Brands Can List Infinite Materials on Archizy?

How Brands Can List Infinite Materials on Archizy?

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

If you are a construction material manufacturer, we are certain that you are always seeking ideas to improve your sales graph, right?


Selling building materials following the conventional path can be challenging because of the tremendous physical effort it involves. But with the advent of online material selling, the landscape of materials sales in the AEC industry is drastically changing. A significant section of design professionals is finding and buying materials online and that is where you should make yourself available. Hence, you need to position your materials and brand on a digital platform where the audience is looking - and that is Archizy.


How to Make the Most of Your Archizy Registration

Archizy is a construction material marketing and sales generation platform where you can list an unlimited number of materials and products. We provide you with the space to create a virtual material library which architects and interior designers can browse and select materials from. Read over to understand how you can benefit from creating a profile on Archizy and uploading unlimited materials.


Categorize Your Products

Whether you sell home decor products or construction materials, list your products on Archizy using categorization systems. Distribute your products under various categories which will help architects and interior designers to browse your material library using filter options. 


Mention Unique Product IDs

Label your products using unique product codes. You can use the product IDs you use in your showroom catalogs to categorize products. Alternatively, you can also create unique IDs for any additional products you add to your digital library.


Write Detailed Product Descriptions

Pen down keyword-rich product descriptions to improve your search ability on the platform. Mention unique details, specifications, materials, and properties of the product and make a value-rich product description.


Upload High-Resolution Images

Share good quality images of your materials and products shot in ambient lighting. Click close-up shots of product details during various times of the day. Share 5-7 images per product to provide architects and interior designers a thorough view of your materials. 


Share List of Local Vendors

Make the list of local vendors available on your profile. Let the designers directly contact the retailers and make direct inquiries about the product availability and delivery. Providing access to local material retailers will help in easing your client handling stress so that you can solely focus on material sales. 


Final Word

Upload unlimited materials on Archizy and market your products to your ideal clients. Do not let the restrictions of a physical showroom limit you from exploring your full potential.

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