How Archizy is Helping You Beyond Material Sourcing?

How Archizy is Helping You Beyond Material Sourcing?

Feb. 21, 2023 | By Pragya Sharma

Online material sourcing and discovery is an exciting activity for architects and interior designers. You get to discover new materials, finishes, and specifications all while sitting in a comfortable office chair. It helps you to save time, energy, and money by digitally providing you with material solutions. But, even with the easy availability of the best quality materials from top brands, making decisions about the right materials for your projects can be challenging. 


Viewing multiple materials and product catalogs from various brands can make you feel overwhelmed and confused. This in turn can increase the time you invest in material sourcing. Hence, it is important to have consolidated material sourcing platforms that provide you with end-to-end solutions. Discover more about our comprehensive features below.


Why Do You Need More Features?

You can discover and source materials from various platforms while browsing the internet. But, what makes Archizy unique is that we help you with tailor-made material buying guides, ideas, and case studies to make an informed buying decision. Keep reading to discover how!


Access to Our Knowledge Bank

Seek design ideas and inspiration by reading our blog posts and social media content. We provide value-rich content across all our digital platforms so that our creative audience of architects and interior designers is always inspired. You can use the ideas we share to apply in your projects and share your success stories with us. 


Stay Updated About the Design Trends 

Discover news and the latest trends in the AEC industry to always be on top of your game. Stay informed about what’s in style and know how you can add your unique touch to that trend. Share your insights, experiences, and strategies on how to implement the design trend and encourage a dialogue about it in the AEC industry. 


Explore Brand Stories and Material Features

Subscribe to our newsletters and explore various material brands and their stories on a weekly basis. Know more about their unique products, design style, and visit their website to research information about the manufacturer through and through. Discover weekly material features categorized on the basis of rooms, colors, themes, and styles on Archizy’s website. 


Discover Material Buying Guides

Use our material buying guides to decide which material best suits your project needs. Compare various materials based on their properties, applications, appearance, and present the right materials to your client that fit into their budget and meet their design requirements.


Get Featured

Be known. Publish your work on Archizy’s website, newsletter, and social media platforms to establish your company as a reputed brand in the industry. Share high-quality images, project descriptions, and material specifications to garner the attention of your clients. Show them your design details and speak about how meticulously you have worked to achieve the desired look.


Final Word

Architects and interior designers can benefit from all the allied features provided on Archizy. With us, you simply don’t discover and source materials, you learn about them, make an informed decision, get published and achieve a lot more.

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